file Muscle Car Of The Week: 1971 Corvette LT1

19 Jan 2016 17:00 - 19 Jan 2016 17:01 #2121 by oestek
oestek created the topic: Muscle Car Of The Week: 1971 Corvette LT1 - The early third-generation Corvettes are among the favorites of the style, as they sport minimal trim and they pre-date the heavier 5-mph crash bumpers and performance robbing emissions equipment. The 1971 models did see a reduction in compression ratios as a first step down toward the lo-po mid '70s cars, but this 1971 LT1 still cranked out 330 HP and impressive torque in a fantastic-looking Corvette. It's from the Brothers Collection, and we enjoyed our time with it!

Kevin Oeste
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