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11 Jan 2016 10:38 #2075 by oestek

Rocket Sunburst (Shown in Hyper Shot/Machined with optional Rocket Vintage 3 Bar Knockoff)

The original Halibrand Sunburst pin-drive wheel made its debut on the AC Cobra in the early 1960's. The AC Cobra was one of the most iconic performance cars of the 20th century. After its brief production, the turbine-style Sunburst wheels became highly sought after and still fetch thousands of dollars for a single set. There is a reason that this rare wheel has many collectors on the hunt, the Sunburst is absolutely stunning.

Following inspiration from the original design, the classic Rocket Sunburst features long, free flowing spokes that begin at the center hub and reach all the way to the outer rim lip. The spoke length gives the visual impression that the rim diameter is larger than a 15" diameter. The hub area is perfectly framed with what appears to be the fairing of a jet engine and spokes that look like fins of a turbine. "The first time I saw the Sunburst, I knew that there could not be a more fitting wheel addition to the Rocket arsenal," said David Coker, President Rocket Racing Wheels

Our Rocket scientists have successfully re-engineered the Sunburst wheel to provide the safety and security of a 5 lug bolt-on application without sacrificing the classic appearance of a pin-drive knockoff. The NEW Rocket Sunburst features dual drilled, 5x4 ½ and 5x4 ¾ bolt patterns into each wheel. The recessed lug holes along with the utilization of our special black anodized spline-drive or pin style lugs are the finishing touch. The NEW Rocket Sunburst initially will be available in 15" sizes in early 2016 with fitments for Classic Muscle Cars of the 1960's and 1970's. The long flowing spokes of the Sunburst create the opportunity to expand this series into even larger diameters than our initial offering. Stay tuned for more sizes to follow.

About Rocket Performance Machine:

Rocket Performance Machine (RPM) is the parent company of Rocket Racing Wheels, which builds a complete line of high-performance, nostalgia-inspired wheels for muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, g-machines, classic trucks, as well as modern era muscle cars. To better serve the market, RPM offers a variety of backspacing and offsets to fit more specific muscle car, street rod and hot rod applications. For more information about Rocket Racing Wheels or to locate a Rocket Racing Wheel Dealer, visit the Launching Pad at, call (888) 307-7525, or write Rocket Performance Machine, Inc., 1321 Stuart Street, Chattanooga, TN 37406.

Kevin Oeste
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