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Early (mid-1960's and earlier) cars and street rods with their engines and drivetrain sitting back further than today's cars benefit greatly when the shifter is positioned forward from the standard position offered by the T5 overdrive transmission.

For years, car enthusiasts have either lived with the placement of the shifter and modified tunnels, floor supports, and/seats or gone to the junk yard and plucked a S10 T5 and used it straight up (poor choice given the low gear ratios and low torque rating) or gone through hoops to remove the tailhousing and adapt it to another T5 such as the Ford T5z. We (MDL) recognized the need and ourselves have provided the front shift T5 for years, mating a reconditioned S10 housing to the Ford T5. Anyone who has attempted this in recent years knows that the housings are in very short supply. Years ago they could be found in any junk yard. Today, nationwide searches can come up empty.

MDL is proud to introduce the Front Shift T5 Tailhousing. Designed from the ground up to reproduce the S10 housing with improvements to facilitate field changeovers, adapt easily to the Ford T5, accommodate mechanical or electronic speedometers, and provided as a complete kit ready to install on your transmission or installed on a new T5. Driving comfort and minimal to no tunnel modifications are two of the design benefits of the Front Shift T5 Tailhousing.

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Kevin Oeste
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