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Sixteen Power, LLC is pulling the cover off a new V16 marine engine at the Miami International Boat show Thursday, February 16th, 2017. Prominently displaying components in the host booth of Hardin Marine, this is the first public unveiling of this production powertrain. Suited for any vessel requiring high output and reliability it will find a home in many performance boats soon.

The heart of this engine lies in the proprietary patent pending M16 block design. Spread in the middle cylinders to accommodate OE production LS and LT cylinder heads, unique oil and coolant circuits enable key elements for reliability and high output. The block is tooled for a premium low-pressure aluminum casting process that yields higher tensile properties than most aluminum blocks. Split at the crank centerline, an integrated main cap ladderframe housing provides ultimate lower end rigidity. The main housing ties all the main caps together as well as to the perimeter of the block. 6-bolt head patterns improve the top end structure for boosted configurations.

Cooling is critical for performance marine duty cycles so heat rejection to support quad turbo power output was considered from the start, packaging dual coolant heat exchangers totaling 48” combined length. A pan mounted two stage raw water pump flows 120 gpm of sea water while twin circulating pumps generate 150 gpm of coolant flow at peak power conditions. Dreaded “limp home mode” due to inadequate cooling has no chance.

Oiling is by dry sump with 5 vacuum stages, one dedicated to pulling oil out of the top of the engine. Detonation plagues many marine engines, especially when supercharged, so piston squirters are mandatory. With 16 pistons and oil squirters, a high capacity oiling system is necessary. To address that requirement this engine features a six stage dry sump pump and two thermostatically controlled oil coolers, in addition to the usual coolers for transmission, power steering and fuel. The size of the oil coolers is easily upgraded for higher power levels.

Airflow is what makes all the power. Sitting on top of a reliable bottom end, cooling and oiling circuits, the 16 intake and exhaust ports create immense opportunity for reliable 4 digit naturally aspirated horsepower numbers only achieve in boosted V8’s under extreme mechanical stress. It also opens immense opportunity for making even more torque and power under boost.

Orders are being accepted now for the 1200 HP naturally aspirated configuration with 1400 N.A. and 1600 lightly supercharged configurations coming soon. Serious parties may opt for a private dyno viewing as part of the purchase process.

90 degree V16 architecture
14.0L displacement
10.7:1 Compression ratio
Low pressure cast A356-T6 aluminum block
LS3 or LS7 ported heads
Billet 4340 1 piece crank
Billet 4340 1 piece camshaft
Four 4-1 water jacketed long tube headers

About Sixteen Power
The M16 block and this new marine powertrain platform was born out of a recognition that the horsepower wars in the performance boating market was simply making better grenades. With an eye toward reliability and the need to expand the potential for even more power, increasing the number of cylinders became our answer to a problem high end boat owners all experience in the ownership of twin engine powerboats.

Sixteen Power, LLC develops and manufactures world class performance marine powertrains. Based in southeast Michigan, Sixteen Power offers the all new V16 worldwide.
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Kevin Oeste
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