Rodding Camaros

This was posted on someone is hoarding a load of 1st generation Camaros and Firebirds.    Sad to see!  Click the pic for more!


Would YOU take your 1969 Camaro Skiing?   Check this one out and many more posted by our friend "Chrysler65" in the V8TV Forum!



Street Rod Life from Xceleration Media is an upcoming publication that will celebrate amazing cars, performance ingenuity and the hot rodding lifestyle from coast to coast.

Covering traditional pre-1964 street rods, as well as classic trucks and custom cars up to 1972, Street Rod Life digital and print content will provide a balanced mix of event coverage, lifestyle features and tech information.

Xceleration Media is pleased to introduce Todd Ryden as the editor of Street Rod Life. For over 20 years, Todd has been able to combine his passion for hot rods and performance with his career. He's built a number of cars, raced on the strip, turned left and right around a few road courses and cruised across the country in a variety of hot rods.

Connect with Street Rod Life online to stay current with the latest news and technology.Street Rod Life is on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Google+. In addition, Xceleration Media has a presence on YouTubeInstagram and Pinterest.


CHEZOOOM, the iconic custom 1957 Chevy built by Boyd Coddington back in the '90s is going up for auction at Barrett-Jackson in January, 2015!

Barrett-Jackson Chezoom Listing

Post up what you think the high bid will be in the V8TV Forum and you could win some cool stuff!

Click HERE to Guess The High Bid!



We're not happy about this one either...