Part 1 in a series restoring a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 called the "SS496" - deadline, SEMA show in Las Vegas, 10/30/2007.


We just pulled the motor, and the body is almost stripped! Deadline, SEMA show in Las Vegas, 10/30/2007. Discuss this project at today!


The body is stripped... let's see what it looks like on the Autotwirler rotisserie! 


We brought the body to Imperial Blasting Technologies for paint stripping. Now we pray it's not trashed.


Nick Scavo tears down the Chevelle's engine, and is pleasantly surprised. 


Picking up the Chevelle's body from the media blaster... uh oh.


Getting a good look at the bottom of the Chevelle's tub after primer.


This time, we're installing the front suspension pieces on the '69 Chevelle. 


Tonight, John crawls into the belly of the beast and makes a lot of sparks.


John keeps cutting more out of this car faster than it's getting welded back together! Tonight, he sectioned out 1/2 of the passenger inner wheelhouse to cut out some rust-damaged sheet metal. Convertible inner wheelhouses are not yet reproduced, so the top 1/2 of the wheelhouse - the "convertible only" part - will be retained and mated with the lower 1/2 of a new Goodmark wheelhouse.


The passenger side quarter panel is now screwed into place, waiting for final welding. Here you can also see the driver side wheelhouse coming together. The complete quarter panel and wheelhouse installation will be an episode of V8TV, so look for it on the TV show and also in the Project Cars section under 1969 Chevelle SS496.


We've finished welding up the quarter panels on the 1969 Chevelle "SS496" project. John used a MIG welder for the factory-style spot welds, and a TIG welder to seam the new panel to the original. You see, there are no reproduciton 1969 Chevelle convertible panels, so we had to modify a pair of hardtop panels to work. Now it's bodywork and sanding time!


Tonight's update brings you more sanding in the wheel tubs, filler on the quarters, and the first test fitting of our new front fenders from The Paddock. These are a new reproduction, and they make restoring a '68 and '69 Chevelle much easier!