Some trim on old cars is anodized aluminum - it's got a thin clear coating over polished aluminum. This kind of trim is tricky to fix because you cannot just polish the anodized coating. Here, we show you how to make aluminum trim shine like new. Comment on today!


Kelle really got bent about paint and body stories leaving stuff out, so here's her daily masking tape count. Comment at today!


The Chevelle's body is off the jig, and now we're spraying Schutz... a rubberized undercoat to keep the bottom side nice! Post your comments on!


The body's back on the frame, and we're hanging doors and other sheetmetal. It's starting to look like a car! Post your comments on!


Tonight, we re-installed some of the front sheetmetal. Even though the panels were pre-aligned on the jig, the jig had is different from the Chevelle's frame from a strength standpoint. Even though the jig maintained the exact GM dimensions, the additional strength of the jig did not account for the amount of flex inherent to a 40 year old GM frame. Be sure to allow some time to realign the panels if you built your car on a fixture! Comment at today!


So we put the hood on the car, and had an idea about giving something back in appreciation to all those who take the time to watch these videos and have helped and supported V8TV along the way. Here's what we came up with... it's time sensitive, so act fast. Simply register in the V8TVforum - before midnight central on Friday, October 5, 2007. By registering in our forum, we'll have your info an it will automatically be entered into a random drawing for a FREE case of Royal Purple Synthetic Oil! All you have to do is register and you're entered. If you are already registered on the forum, you're already registered in the drawing. Once registered, feel free to post to your heart's content on the forum. The winner will be picked at random on Saturday, October 6, 2007, and will be notified via email shortly thereafter. There will be 1 winner this time, but we may do this again before SEMA with a different prize. And speaking of SEMA, there's a special "gathering" invite for Thursday, 11/1/2007 at the end of this video... see you there! Comment at today!


We're entering the final steps before spraying the outside of the SS496... that's the final panel alignment, and then wetsanding all the panels glass-smooth up to 600 grit. Kelle and Scott installed the top frame, and Kelle also dropped in some more Dynamat to keep the car quiet. today!


Kelle isn't a big fan of repetitive tasks, and there are few things more repetitive than wetsanding a car. Same deal, over and over. This time, Kelle learns some tricks from John about the proper way to bring a car to a 600 grit finish just before it goes to paint. 


The shop is getting a little chaotic these days, as everyone is anticipating the Chevelle finally getting painted in the next day or so. Today, we worked on trim details, installed the windshield, and masked and sprayed the bottom white part of the SS496's 2-tone paint scheme. Comment at today!


The SS496 is getting its last wrap in masking paper and tape in preparation for being loaded onto the trailer and heading to the paint booth!


The momentus occasion has arrived - the SS496 Chevelle is painted! John shot 3 coats of PPG Deltron basecoat and 3 coats of PPG Concept 2002 clear for a great looking paint job right out of the SATA gun. Special thanks to Greg Bartnett at Meramac Heights Collision Center for letting us use their fantastic Blow Therm downdraft booth to spray the car and bake it without the worry of dust in the finish.


Even though we just got the SS496 back from the paint booth, we elected to wetsand and buff the car to make it mirror-flat. Tonight, John and Mark scuffed the car with 1500 grit 3M wetsand paper, tomorrow will be 2000, then the buffer brings the shine! 


We started building the 496 Chevy for the SS496 today at Fast Times Motorworks, but we had an issue with the head bolts. At any rate, here's a look at the shortblock and heads on the car. This piece also contains a quick lesson in flow bench operations and head porting. Part 1a...