Finally on-site at SEMA, 2007! Check out for coverage of the SEMA show, and also for the complete build of our 1969 Chevelle SS496 as seen in this video! SEMA coverage brought to you by Royal Purple Synthetic Oil, Join the forum at today!


We've finally gotten back into the groove after the hectic SEMA show, so now we're finishig detials left undone before SEMA. Tonight, we installed the SPAL dual 12" electric fans (PN 30102130) and their 185 Fan Relay Harness. The fans pull huge amounts of air, and the innovative shroud has little flappers to allow natrually occuring high-pressure air to flow thorough the radiator core at highway speeds. At low speeds, they close and let the fans do their job. The 185 Fan Harness incorporates a thermal switch to sense the coolant temp and turn the fans on at 185 degrees farenheit, and off again at 165. The power runs through a pair of relays to keep the fans happy. We break away in this video to chat with a SPAL rep at SEMA to learn about what sets SPAL apart from the competition.


Everyone uses ARP fasteners, but to they ever tell you WHY? We realized that the first 30 pages of the ARP catalog are loaded with tech and info on everything you could want to know about fasteners and how they're measured, rated, and tested.


We completely restored this 1969 Chevelle, taking it from "bass boat" green to the original color, replacing much of the original sheet metal and adding some key upgrades. We installed a Global West front suspension, Baer brakes, Hydratech Hydroboost unit, OPGI lowering springs, Vintage Wheel Works wheels, and a 550 HP Fast Times built 496 big block Chevy engine. It's loaded with Royal Purple synthetic fluids, and breathes through MagnaFlow exhaust. The car debuted at the SEMA show, and has been logging miles ever since. Follow the build of this car at today!

Sometimes, restorations need to be "un-done" to fix marginal work and to bring a restored car to a new level. This was the case with the 1969 Chevelle "SS 496" convertible built in the V8 Speed & Resto Shop, a car that had been restored a couple times previously, but needed a total re-do with some upgrades to really be a standout.

The moment of truth... the SS496's big block Chevy engine finally came to life on the Fast Times dyno! The Lunati reciprocating assembly under Holley heads and intake fired by an MSD Digital E-Curve Distributor spun it's way to over 550 HP and 572 Ft. Lbs. of torque at just 4400 RPM, and it idles smoothly at 750 RPM. The 150 HP NOS Nitrous shot will push this motor right up to the 700 HP mark on the track. The torque comes in bigtime and low in the rpm range producing a nice, big, flat torque curve that is going to be great fun to drive!