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Pedal Cars Lead

Sometimes small versions of Hot Rods and Muscle Cars can be just as cool... if not cooler... than the full size cars!   In this case, we came across a gallery of awesome pedal cars, push buggies, wagons, and go-carts that we just had to share.    There could be more time in some of these jr. sized rides than many people put into building their real car!    

PedalCars_001.jpg PedalCars_002.jpg PedalCars_003.jpg

PedalCars_004.jpg PedalCars_005.jpg PedalCars_006.jpg

PedalCars_007.jpg PedalCars_008.jpg PedalCars_009.jpg

PedalCars_010.jpg PedalCars_011.jpg PedalCars_012.jpg

PedalCars_013.jpg PedalCars_014.jpg PedalCars_015.jpg

PedalCars_016.jpg PedalCars_017.jpg PedalCars_018.jpg

PedalCars_019.jpg PedalCars_020.jpg PedalCars_021.jpg

PedalCars_022.jpg PedalCars_023.jpg PedalCars_024.jpg

PedalCars_025.jpg PedalCars_026.jpg PedalCars_027.jpg

PedalCars_028.jpg PedalCars_029.jpg PedalCars_030.jpg