We recently recieved a very cool email with a fantastic rendering of the '66 Ford Galaxie 500 7-Litre restored in our shop a few months ago.     The letter read:
Boy do I love a 7 Litre Galaxie. My name is Paul Eric and I'm an automotive artist living in Las Vegas. 
Saw the cover of the June issue of Hemmings muscle machines and flipped for that beautiful hunk of heavy metal. Inside of 30 minutes I was at my drafting table laying out this illustration! Thought I would share it w/ you. 
Thanks, and rock on!
Paul Eric
We were flattered and astonished by the artwork, and wanted to see more.    Luckily, Paul sent us more!
Hello Kevin
Thanks for taking the time to view my drawing. I appreciate your complements!
attached are a few of the 50 or so renderings I've completed in the last few years.
The images are approximately 22x28. I have a reference photo from a magazine or book in my archive file (an actual print)
I'll use a piece of color keyed Canson paper, lay out the drawing with an ordinary pencil. then finish out the details & reflections w/ colored pencils. About as low tech as can be! A lot like me!
Kevin, I am a complete cyber moron... no website, no social media. Just my android phone w/ a fantastic camera that I capture the original art with prior to framing. A few of these are commisioned by car owners, mostly I draw for myself. The cars take about 35- 40 hrs. to complete. About a month to finish. I have a great interest in corresponding with you about my craft, and "putting it out there" Fortunately, I work with graphic designers, media experts and photographers that can help me get up to speed! (DBDvegas.com., An event co.) Thank you again for your interest, It was great to hear from you. 
Best wishes, Paul Eric.
We hope that sharing these will help Paul get the word out about his craft.   Feel free to contact us if you'd like his info for a project of your own.
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