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           valve covers, PRW      FE Valve Cover from PRW

PRW Industries, a leading manufacturer of high performance engine components, is excited to announce three new valve covers for Ford FE applications, model years 1958-76 and for engines 332, 352, 390-428.

Vintage racers, competition junkies, and machining enthusiasts trying to save weight: Give your engine the edge. Crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, these valve covers have successfully endured rigorous testing, proving that they are built to last. The incredible ability to withstand the harsh elements of racing makes these the perfect solution for street rod and racing applications. They are individually pressure-tested. Fasteners included. Offered in silver anodized, polished clear anodized, and black anodized finishes. Contact PRW for additional details on these parts and ask about custom engraving at (866) 264-8835. Visit: .