MSD Atomic TCMWith the addition of the Atomic Fuel Injection Systems, high output DynaForce alternators, and heavy duty starters, MSD has proven itself to be much more than the leader in ignition technology. As vehicle electronic requirements continue to evolve, MSD is there as your source for integrated performance controls with its new Atomic Transmission Control Module (TCM)!

  The all-new MSD Transmission Controller was developed completely in-house – evolving from the engineering expertise and proven performance of our Atomic EFI technology. In fact, the Atomic TCM is designed to integrate directly with the Atomic EFI when using Brainwave so you can modify transmission operation parameters from the same handheld monitor! Doing away with the need for sensor duplication, and an extra programmer, means less wiring for easy installation and a clean appearance.

  Don’t worry if you haven’t stepped up to an Atomic EFI system yet; the Trans Controller is also offered as a stand-alone system to work with most OEM or aftermarket fuel injection systems, as well as carbureted applications equipped with a stand-alone Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). This allows you to take advantage of modern 4-speed overdrive transmissions and the inherent flexibility associated with electronic controls.

Vintage Air 1959 1960 Full Size ChevroletThe Gen IV™ is Vintage Air's most powerful and intelligent climate control system. Gen IV systems utilize our exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control servomotor drives to eliminate cables or vacuum connections. Separate high capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate and fin cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments. Our new 1959-60 Chevy Full-Size SureFit ™ system includes our exclusive Electronic Cable Converters which adapt toyour factory 4- lever Deluxe controls for electronic operation. The 2-Lever kits includes a 3-Knob underdash control pod for electronic operation. Additional features include variable blower speed and dash/floor/defrost blend. SureFit ™ Systems are engineered specifically for each vehicle application and require minimal alteration to the vehicle for installation.


Allstar Corvette Master

Corvette style master cylinders have been popular for years as they are a great part to help you convert your drum / drum or disc / drum braking system to a 4-wheel disc system.

Dual reservoir master cylinders have 1" bores, outlet ports on both sides for easy plumbing and installation. Popular master cylinders are used with disc/disc and disc/drum applications. Slotted mounting holes on 3-1/4" centers work well with Allstar 7" and 8" brake boosters.

Item Number: ALL41060 (Cast Iron, 3/8" Ports), ALL41061 (Aluminum, 3/8" Ports), ALL41062 (Cast Iron, 1/2" and 9/16" Ports)


Holley Mighty Mite

Holley is proud to introduce the all new Holley Mighty Mite electric fuel pumps. They’re big on performance, but small in size & price. They’re quiet, easy to install and work with gas, diesel, blended alcohol and E85. They will support up to 400 horsepower on a carbureted engine. They are self-priming and have a 12-inch dry lift capability for more flexible mounting.They are proudly made in the USA so it’s easy to see why you should make Holley Mighty Mite pumps part of your project.

Product Pages: 
PN 12-426 
PN 12-427



Edelbrock Air Cleaner

Edelbrock's Classic Series engine dress-up accessories deliver a definitive appeal that brings back a look from the 1950's.

Edelbrock first made these aluminum valve covers in the late '50s and they continue to be a classic. Made of heavy-gauge sand-cast aluminum, our classic finned valve covers are now available in a natural as-cast finish, for enthusiasts looking for a subtle classic look for their engine.

Edelbrock Classic Series air cleaners are available in three models; a single-quad 14" round, single-quad oval and a dual-quad oval to give plenty of options for any hot rod or muscle car. The small oval air cleaner provides adequate hood clearance in demanding applications as well as a coordinated appearance with the classic finned look. All of the air cleaners include a pre-oiled and washable cotton gauze element for excellent filtration. They are compatible with all popular 5-1/8" diameter carburetors and throttle bodies.