Holley Performance Products is proud to announce plug-and-play harnesses to use Holley's HP and Dominator EFI system with Ford's popular Mod Motor and Coyote platforms!

Complete 2011-Present Ford Coyote Engine Plug and Play Kit – USCAR “EV6 Style” injector harness - Bosch Wideband O2 PART# 550-618

With Holley EFI, you can take full control of every parameter in your Coyote or Mod Motor powered project. The days of figuring out complicated algorithms in the factory ECU are gone. Holley EFI can handle whatever combination you want to throw at it. Is your cam too wild for a MAF? Power adders? You name it, and Holley EFI can handle it. If you are swapping a Coyote or Mod Motor into a different car, there’s no need to track down an expensive factory ECU and wiring harness that doesn’t have a fraction of the features and usability of Holley EFI. From plug-and-play kits to additional options for customers who require the powerful Dominator ECU, it has never been easier to make your Ford do exactly what you want.

DEI Muffler Shield

Hot rod and muscle car mufflers can transfer a tremendous amount of heat into the cabin which can make for an uncomfortable ride. DEI’s New Muffler Shield Kit, developed with the same race proven technology as DEI’s popular Floor and Tunnel Shield II™ product, is constructed of 10 mil dimpled aluminum with a 1/8” needle glass insulator.  The result is a clean-looking shield that greatly reduces radiant heat resulting in a cooler cabin interior and overall component protection from the effects of extreme heat.

Easy to trim, it is designed to wrap around most any size muffler with a secure fit.  The kit includes one 42” x 24” Muffler Shield, two 40” x ½” wide heavy duty 304 stainless steel positive locking ties and locking tie tool.

For more information about DEI’s new Muffler Shield Kit, part #010455, or other Made in the USA DEI thermal products, visit www.designengineering.com

Narrowed first gen EFI tank

EFI Fuel Tank for Mini-Tubbed 1967-69 Camaro/Firebirds

Tanks Inc. now offers a narrowed corner EFI tank for first gen Camaro and Firebirds.  Finally, there is an alternative to buying an expensive custom gas tank.  No longer do you need to spend hours modifying your current tank.  Built to clear up to a 345 tire with 3” exhaust Tanks Inc. has designed an affordable stock style powder coated gas tank ready for fuel injection.    When installed, this tank has the appearance of a stock gas tank.  However, the tank has all the internal baffling needed for late model engines.  In addition this tank features a recess for the fuel pump and sending unit to ensure that you have adequate space for all of your fuel lines and wiring with no modification to your floor.  Tanks Inc. has replaced the factory sending unit with the standard SAE 5 bolt sending unit to make gauge swapping a snap.  Call us at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop for more info on this tank today - 314.783.8325 .   Read more for fuel pump options and more photos!


Chattanooga, Tenn. (December 12, 2014) - Get aboard the Solid Rocket! The Indy Roadsters of the 50s and 60s dominated the track with 6 pin drive magnesium wheels. The lighter weight six-pin replaced the outdated wire-laced wheels of the 1920's and became as much of an icon as the Offy engine. Taking its styling cues from the original Indy Roadster wheels, the Solid Rocket features the same classic six pin smooth solid front and ribbed design on the reverse side. Now, in addition to the original 16x5 size, the Solid Rocket series is available in 18x6.

The Solid Rocket is constructed of durable high-tech aluminum and served up at an incredible price point. Originally, the 
six-pin wheels were held on by a pressure plate and knockoff. The Solid Rocket re-creates the appearance of a six-pin pressure plate and knockoff attachment but with the safety and security of a 5-lug bolt on.  

The Solid Rocket is available in 16x5 and 18x6 in multiple finishes: Full Machined and Full As Cast finish. Our exclusive, custom RPM7 powder coat can also be applied to reproduce the classic, magnesium DOW7 finish of the 1960's. Mix and Match the Rocket Fire (Ribbed Style) and Solid Rocket (Smooth Style) with tall, skinny vintage tires to your traditional hot rod or open wheel roadster, and you've got the ultimate Indy look! The 16x5 size is versatile, as it fits most ALL 16" diameter Vintage Tire sizes from the short, skinny 500-16 up to the tall 825-16.  The Solid Rocket is available in 5x4.50, 5x4.75, 5x5 and 5x5.50 bolt patterns. Each Solid Rocket wheel is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum.


Holley debuted the revolutionary HydraMat™ Fuel Reservoir on December 11th, 2014 at the PRI trade show in Indianapolis. The HydraMat is a patent-pending fuel reservoir system designed to reduce fuel starvation issues present in hard cornering, acceleration, stopping, inclines, and low fuel conditions. It is in these situations that traditional fuel pick ups can be starved of fuel, which then introduces air into the fuel system resulting in poor engine performance and even engine stalling.

                                                                                                                                                              They say black is the new chrome. If so, Holley just added the right amount of shine! Holley is proud to introduce several of our popular Holley and Weiand intake manifolds in our all new Carbon Black Ceramic Coating! The coating provides an aggressive yet subtle look that goes perfectly with the understated build styles that are popular today. Plus the coating provides the added benefits of corrosion protection, heat resistance and ease of cleaning!

See more at https://www.holley.com/products/intakes/


                 FE Valve Cover from PRW

PRW Industries, a leading manufacturer of high performance engine components, is excited to announce three new valve covers for Ford FE applications, model years 1958-76 and for engines 332, 352, 390-428.

Vintage racers, competition junkies, and machining enthusiasts trying to save weight: Give your engine the edge. Crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, these valve covers have successfully endured rigorous testing, proving that they are built to last. The incredible ability to withstand the harsh elements of racing makes these the perfect solution for street rod and racing applications. They are individually pressure-tested. Fasteners included. Offered in silver anodized, polished clear anodized, and black anodized finishes. Contact PRW for additional details on these parts and ask about custom engraving at (866) 264-8835. Visit:https://www.prw-usa.com/products/valve-covers/ford .




Holley Touch Screen



The soon to be realeased Holley EFI Digital Dash claimed the award for Best Engineered New Product at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. The award is based on how innovative a new product is, the quality & workmanship of the product, and the overall technical achievement of the product.  

The Holley EFI Digital Dash features plug-and-play compatibility with all Holley EFI systems via a CANbus connection. The compact unit features a 7" low glare, high brightness, high contrast, full color touch screen for easy viewing, even in full sunlight. The screen provides nearly limitless customization, allowing users to choose multiple gauge and indicator types for use in a variety of motorsports applications. The Holley EFI Digital Dash also allows users to toggle through multiple active screens (tune, warm-up, race, drive, etc.) and setup user-defined alarms & configurable shift lights. It also allows on-screen playback of Holley EFI data logs and it has a digital switch panel that eliminates the need for mounting analog switches to control various aspects of the vehicle's drivetrain.

 Over the past few years, Holley Performance Products has come to the forefront of the EFI aftermarket with innovative products like their Terminator, HP, and Dominator EFI systems, as well as plug-and-play wiring harnesses for popular engines like the GM LS and Chrysler Gen III Hemis (Ford Coyote and Mod Motors coming soon). The introduction of the Holley EFI Digital Dash is the next step in the evolution of Holley's EFI product line.

For more information on the ultimate add-on for your Holley EFI system, visit the individual product page HERE. The Holley EFI Digital Dash is scheduled to be available for purchase in mid-December.