Our customer wanted to drive this clean 1971 Chevrolet C-10 pickup as a daily driver, while improving performance, economy, and reliability.    
In this 3 part video series, we swap in a fresh LS3 485 HP GM Connect & Cruise engine and 4L60E automatic overdrive transmission into this sweet 1971 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck.   The benefits include reliable performance, 485 horsepower, better fuel economy, and more. 
The engine came from Weir Chevrolet, our supplier for GM crate engines and such, and we tuned it with an HP Tuners suite.     We used a Hooker engine mount set to bolt the LS3 into the truck.   A Holley accessory drive was added to mount the alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor.    
The whole rig is kept cool with an Entropy radiator and Spal cooling fans.     The crew was able to connect to the existing A/C system in the truck and make it functional. 
The fuel system starts with a reproduction fuel tank from Tanks, Inc., which comes redesigned to house a high-pressure EFI fuel pump, and an internal pump matched to the requirements of the LS3.
The truck’s vitals are monitored by a set of Dakota Digital VHX gauges, and a Dakota cruise control module is also used for easy highway cruising.     A new rear gearset with 3.08 gears works better with the 4L60 overdrive transmission for snappy acceleration and economical highway cruising.  
The truck project was a success, as the owner logged over 4000 miles in the first months of driving with little drama.   
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This one comes from the V8 Archives.     Veteran drag racer Nick Scavo takes a moment to share how to pack your parachute in a safe manner so that it opens when you pull the cable!

Fire Extinguisher


Our friend Jeff Ford has TONS of great info on www.autorestomod.com, and this week, his tech tip is one we can all use... make sure you have plenty of working fire extinguishers in your shop, garage, and car!     Don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel, they've got lots to share about performance, restoration, and other cool car-enthusiast stuff.   


Some say these cars are never finished, and that holds true especially when a modified car changes hands. In this case, our customer purchased this killer 1969 Chevrolet Camaro as a freshly completed Pro-Touring machine complete with a slick silver paint job and a very cool red leather interior, but the 700+ HP 540-cube Shafiroff big block Chevy and 6-speed T-56 Magnum transmission are a bit much for the otherwise stock suspension. The huge torque easily overpowers the rear tires, and the handling isn’t up to the expectations of the owner. So, the car was sent to the V8 Speed & Resto Shop so our crew could take the suspension, rear axle, wheels, tires, brakes, and a few other areas of the car to the next level. The big challenge - installing a complete Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear suspension and front subframe, wheel tubs, Currie Enterprises rear axle, Forgeline wheels, Toyo Tires, Holley Performance Products EFI, and more without damaging the beautiful silver paint or messing up the body panel fit. After all, something that looks this good should have the moves to match!
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Corvette Custom Console
This 1977 Chevrolet Corvette arrived at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop after the customer wanted some modern upgrades done to the inside of the car.     This car is not wearing an original color, and the original engine has been replaced with a GM Performance Parts crate 350, so the customer does not place a heavy priority on originality.    The 1977s are not high on the list of collector Corvettes, so these make great platforms to personalize and enjoy. 
The plans include upgrading the center console, installing some Dakota Digital VHX gauges, audio system, adding a Vintage Air A/C system, and backup camera, as well as fixing some issues like leaks and engine cooling problems.
Installing Dakota Digital HVX Gauges
Initial Vintage Air A/C system install 
Installing a Custom Center Console
Backup Camera
Vintage Air A/C system completion
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