V8 Radio:  4-Wheel Jamboree, Yardley’s Riv, Iacocca, Greg Weld, Daihatsu Charade?  Trivia, More


It’s the people that make it fun.

On this episode of V8 Radio, Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste chat about Kevin and Kelle’s recent trip to the 4-Wheel Jamboree truck show and how much fun they had at the event.   While there, they bumped into Kevin’s buddy Jeff “Yardley” Holthenrichs, a fellow Buick Riviera fan he met in the 1990s.   From there, they chat about Lee Iacocca and friend Greg Weld and somehow land on some of the crappiest cars ever built.   There’s all this PLUS automotive trivia!   It’s a true podcast event!

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