V8 Radio How It All Began

On this episode of V8 Radio, Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste go back in time as Mike made the mistake of asking Kevin how he got started in this business. It started back in 1996 when Kevin and his buddy Paul Wieshuber embarked on the Hot Rod Power Tour in a car worthy of a junkyard, and it all went downhill from there.   Who'd have thought he would have landed a job with Hot Rod and eventually start V8TV and the V8 Speed & Resto Shop?   They also chat about the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 427 R-Code featured on Muscle Car Of The Week, discuss a V8TV track day, ratchet up the trivia questions, chat about Jim Wangers and Pontiac history, a story of David Freiburger taking a tumble, and have a few laughs on this episode.    Photos from the episode are below!



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Gray Baskerville signs Cavalier

Your Ole' Dad hisself, Gray Baskerville signing the hood of the Power Turd 1988 Chevy Cavalier!   Click the pic to enlarge. 



September, 1996 Hot Rod Magazine Cover

This is one of the photos where we tried to stay out of the shot with the Cavailer. It became the cover of the September, 1996 Hot Rod Magazine.   Note the article on the NEW LS1 V8 from Chevrolet! Click the pic for a larger version. 


Hot Rod Power Fest

One of the pages from the Hot Rod Magazine, Paul and Kevin are in the upper corner.   



Hot Rod Power Tour Long Haulers

Close-up.. the Cavalier is intentionally hidden in the Long Hauler photo.  You can barely see it in the red circle and Paul and Kevin (red arrows).


Ask Otto Show

The Hot Rod Magazine staff as guests on the Ask Otto show in Albuquerque, NM, back on the 2000 Hot Rod Power Tour. Terry McGean, Kevin Oeste, David Freiburger, Steve Magnante, and Chuck "Otto" Anderson shown along with two of Anderson's buddies. Shrotly before this photo, Freiburger went back over his chair, but was not injured.